For An Unborn Son

Head reeling, world spinning, waves crashing.


You were a whisper–

a shadow of what could have been.

A seed–

 beautiful, original, unseen.

I rue the day we made you:

the moments, enraptured;

no hesitation or doubt.

For now you are gone,

and a piece of my heart–

my joy–ripped out.

What am I to think, or do?

It seems cruel, the taking.

Why steal what you–

who made–gave?!

My body is your temple,

to do with as you choose.

But this?!

An empty, selfish ruse.

Birth has not given me peace;

it has robbed me of a son–

one for whom my love

will never cease.

Prayers cannot quell

my tear-stained cheeks,

nor strengthen my battered heart.

The Lord has taken, and taken;

I am left alone and weak,

my child depart.

If mercy be ready,

my spirit, alight!

To hold in my arms,

my baby all right.

Give me courage, holy might,

that I may see my son

in Eden, some night!

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